Using MBTI to Develop and Choose Careers

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Understanding the correlation between one’s personality and career choice is the basis to the start of achieving professional aspirations, formulating a strategy to be a guide and as a resource to aid in the beginning of a career. These steps are built upon a solid foundation of an understanding MBTI personality type, functioning pairs and the careers associated with each of the sixteen personality types. Students will become familiar with MBTI career theory, MBTI personalities, how to increase job satisfaction within one’s career, assessing preferences and how to make a career choice.

Course Objectives

  • Identify needed steps to plan a career.
  • Explore and develop strategies to identify a valid career choice.
  • Understand the value and steps to exploring personality impact on careers.
  • Develop individualized approaches for career development.
  • Understand methods to increase work satisfaction.
  • Understand and make personal career choices.
  • Recognize the value MBTI within the realm of one’s professional life.

What's included?

25 Videos
8 PDFs
Tracy Atkinson
Tracy Atkinson
Educator, Curriculum Writer

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