MBTI Learning Styles: A Practical Approach

For learners, parents and teachers.

Learn the value of knowing the relationship between an individual’s MTBI personality and their learning style. Various learning and studying strategies will be introduced in relation to the MBTI type. Each of the eight preferences will be investigated, discussed and correlated with the most effective cognitive environment, learning preferences, descriptions and the most comfortable learning situations. Additional, specific study methodologies and assessment techniques will be shared.

Individuals will gain an understanding of themselves as learners while educators and parents will develop a vision of an optimal classroom, learning environment and develop strategies to optimize learning while also creating effective assessment tools. Other topics explored include: introducing the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, understanding MBTI dynamics, discovering MBTI type through observations, creating a learning environment based on learning styles and assessing learning.

What's included?

17 Videos
13 PDFs

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